Tips for Traveling Abroad for the First Time


If you have never traveled abroad before, there are many things you must first do to make sure that you are properly prepared. You want to avoid situations where you do not have essential information. Below, we will compile a small checklist of important things to have at hand prior to heading to the airport. The list includes:

1.      Making sure that you have valid passports that will not expire within six months of the trip. Get a protective case for your passport so that It can safely sit in your luggage without getting destroyed. As a backup, have the information for the local U.S embassy. If you lose your passport, or it is stolen, they can help you get it back.

2.      Make bookings early, so that you do not miss out on any important events or places. Many restaurants or tours take reservations weeks, months, and even years in advance. For instance, Chef Gordon Ramsay's flagship restaurant in London has a year+ waiting list.

3.      Go to your bank before leaving and exchange U.S currency for the currency of where you will be going. You may need money quickly when landing, and there might not be any quick or affordable ways when you land. Even if you bring multiple credit cards, you should still bring an ATM card. This is the easiest and most cost effective way to get cash when needed. Although it seems like it is taken almost everywhere, not every place accepts credit cards. It would be a shame if you had to leave a bar or cafe because you did not have access to money.