Tips for Planning a Croatian Sailing Adventure


Planning a vacation is both thrilling as well as nerve-racking. These feelings can be exasperated when traveling to a foreign country with a different language and culture from your own. Wouldn't it be convenient if the hassle could be taken away while maintaining the fun? When you sail with Dulcinea, we can make that possible.

On your own, you would have to:

  • Worry about language barriers, but with us, that issue is greatly minimized. All members of our crew speak fluent English. They can help you with important translations and information. You will have easy access to the team for any and all of your needs.
  • Worry about the provisions, but on the Dulcinea, you have gourmet food cooked by a private chef. Don't worry about stocking the boat with food because we worry about all of that for you. We can custom tailor menus based on dietary restrictions and more.
  • Worry about committing a faux pas in a strange place. Our crew is very familiar with the specific ports and area. Any questions that you have about local customs, like greetings, tipping, or dress code can be answered before you disembark from the boat.

While we worry about the details, you can worry about where you want to go and the activities that you want to enjoy. We can help you charter a unique cruise where we sail through Croatia and Greece. Try sailing the Eastern Mediterranean Sea with us.